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First Date Soul Mate after 29 Years!

"I met my soul mate on my first date in 29 years and YOU had a role... I separated from my husband last November and in March I felt ready for a soul mate.
I used your Charismatic process to call him in. I could feel the power of it immediately. Met him March 28, the day before my birthday!"
                                       ~ Pamela, New York
[Pamela & Mark are now happily married.]

Secrets of…
The Charismatic Woman

Discover a Simple 5-Step System
to Boost Your Charisma & Become
Irresistibly Magnetic to Your Soul Mate

Imagine You Could Learn the Secrets to:

  • Create a magnetic field that draws love, admiration & praise.

  • Dissolve inner barriers that are keeping love away.

  • Stop re-living old destructive patterns in relationships.

  • Take a quantum leap now and attract your Beloved.

  • Radiate and embody the love you seek.

Now you can!

If You Nod Your Head “YES”
To At Least ONE of the Following…
This August 22nd Workshop is for YOU!

Having the same feelings and experiences of 'Being Let Down' over and over in romantic relationships...
Feeling weary of being single and doing everything on your own...
Longing for a safe, intimate, enlivening partnership, but are disillusioned, skeptical, or confused about how to find it...
Feeling under-supported, unappreciated and tired of fielding the challenges of life alone...
You're just fine being on your own, but you'd love to have a life partner you cherish, who cherishes you, to share your journey...
You sense you're at a turning point and feel you may have a greater mission that can be better accomplished through the loving guidance of a soul-centered relationship...

Join Us For This
One-Day Women's Event

Personally Experience BIG Inner & Outer Shifts
with the 5-Step Charisma System.

Leave Feeling 100% Confident In Your Ability
to Attract Your Ideal Compatible Soul Mate!

During this Experiential Day, You'll Discover...

5 Why Most Women Fail to Create the Life They Want
& How Charisma Awakens Your True Power to Attract Love.
4 The Dangerous Myth that Squelches Charisma & Chains Women
to Lives of Anguish and Frustration.
3 The Top 5 Mistakes Single Women Make that Keep Love Away.
2 The 5 Essential Components for Claiming your 'Magnetic Self' to Attract Your Ideal Mate and Live a Life You Love. (You'll practice these at the event.)
1 And So Much More…



Date: Saturday, August 22nd
Time: 9:30 am to 5:30 pm
Location: Hilton Waikiki Beach Hotel, Oahu
Tuition: $197 (Kama'aina $97)

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"Matt and I were married on Kauai in September. I can't thank you enough for sharing the tools that brought him to me."
– Peggy Kemp, Hawaii
T. Harv Eker
"She has a formula…and just amazing miracles seem to occur!"
– T. Harv Eker, author of
Secrets of the Millionaire Mind

Kala H. Kos, PhD
CEO, Founder
The Empowerment Academy

   An expert in personal empowerment, Dr. Kos is a recognized visionary teacher and author. Her teachings have increased the incomes, success, and personal power of thousands of people globally through a unique manifestation system called Magnetic Energizing.

   Since curing herself of an incurable disease more than thirty years ago, Kala has repeatedly applied Magnetic Energizing™ in her life to achieve her own dreams. She went on to become a professional actress in New York and Los Angeles; a producer and host of several TV shows, an international author with books published in North America, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Poland; as well as an accomplished healer in various modalities. All of this was done while continuing her studies - and in 2003 she received her Doctorate in Psychology. Her latest book is The 7 Lost Secrets of Ecstasy and Success, How to Awaken Your Hidden Power for Love and Riches.

   For three decades Dr. Kos has dedicated her life to sharing this powerful system with success-minded people who wish to Become Magnetic & Attract Miracles. (Visit: BecomeMagnetic.com) Her workshops and speaking engagements enjoy inmarkkalaternational acclaim.

   When not travelling, she enjoys time at home on Oahu, Hawaii, with her beloved husband, who she gratefully attracted through the process she teaches.

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Will you find your ideal mate by using your current strategy?
Probably not ...

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